Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"The mind can be permanently profaned by the habit of attending to trivial things, so that all our thought shall be tinged with triviality." Henry David Thoreau.

It is important, I think, to enjoy life. I think that I've chosen to discuss triviality tonight because so much seems trivial to me now. My definition has shifted. For example, it's difficult for me to buy cut flowers. That's why I've grown the grass. What's the difference do you think, between the cut flowers and the grass? I'm not sure, but it might have to do with being involved with the whole process in obtaining grass. I grew it, fair and square.

Is it because my sensibility is a little offended that I should feel that it's okay to indulge in cut flowers. Possibly they were produced in vain? Possibly with toxins? Possibly with unfair labour? This is today. Tomorrow I might need roses. Today, I only want grass.

You see? Defining that which is trivial is a difficult thing. Upon reading this Thoreau quote, it struck me that I might be straying from clarity lately, and because of that, I've felt strange.

All I can say is be aware. Choose consciously. Our world is continuing to be infested with trivial things; things that stress you out or things that distract you from what is real. Of course, this is what I say today.

P.S. My definition of triviality might be different than yours.

Family is not trivial. I'm sending my Positive Energy.
Yeah, you know who you are. Feel my hug.

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Judy Martin said...

Yay Thoreau. On of my favourite guys to quote. Here's one of his I've called to mind over the years.

"know your own bone,
gnaw it,
gnaw it still more"