Friday, April 6, 2007

page three.

lion. learn to braid with the lion's tail.


Valerie said...

I've just realized YOU are crafting this baby book ? wow ! very creative ! congratulations !!! is it from a pattern/magazine or your imagination ?

Valerie said...

oooh surprise - you did link to my little new blog ?!!! my first time ! I was just going to ask if I could do the same ! so I guess = yes ?

oona said...

yes i linked to your blog - didn't even think to ask. i hope that was okay. and yes, you may do the same.
this book was crafted by MY mother for MY first birthday many many moons ago. i just love it so much and i've pulled it out of storage as my baby is the perfect age to enjoy it. i do hope i can make him something as timeless.

sarahj said...

you know.. now that you've posted a few pages, i'm beginning to think that i had a very similar book made by your mom. i remember the yellow cover, with the title 'SARAH'S BOOK'. i also remember a page with an elephant wearing roller skates, with tiny red buttons. i need to find my book now!

Carl said...

I like your blog(s), and pull them up Quite often. I have been inspired to start my own.

I think I understand your struggle with blogging, because I have reservations about putting up my thoughts for others to read. Who am I to publish suff?

I saw to young children sledding this winter. Their constant cry was: “Hey Mom, Look at Me!” and “Mom, are you Looking?”

They wanted her approval, just as we all want approval from family, friends and the public in general. But I think they had other motives than a desire for Mom’s approbation. They wanted Mom to be able to share vicariously in the experience. They were having fun. They were exhilarated, excited, a little frightened and proud of them selves. The children wanted to share all that with their beloved Mom.

So I have decided that I should share even though I don’t take the best pictures or have the deepest thoughts.