Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bare birches.

What a week... what a month. Things have been up and down around here. My child has been learning to "sleep on his own" and that has been tough for all of us. Our immigration process should be wrapped up by the end of the year and for that I am so relieved. (ahem, I'll be in Canada nearly all of December.)

I've still found time for the fun stuff. Nice walks and visits with friends. Knitting... lots of knitting... I recently realized that I've been knitting a little weird all these years (!) by twisting every stitch. I won't go into the knit-nerd details but I'm cured now I think.

Years, people... over a decade.. weird knitter.. etc... sigh.

I squeezed in Halloween costume conceptualizing (and actual making). Stay tuned for the final product.
And today I carved a pumpkin.

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