Thursday, January 31, 2008

soft toys of yore.

Yesterday we went to the library... and I am so excited.
I found these incredible soft toy books. I remember a long time ago when I first ventured into this craft-blog-world I was inspired by little birds handmade (first here, now here) to try my hand at these soft, charming, animal character creations. Now may be the time. I am finding that hand-sewing is easier then anything else to pick up and put down at a moments notice. This is critical during these toddler times that I'm living in.

Two books stand out from the four I picked up. Decorative Stuffed Toys for the Needleworker by Winsome Douglass. Dover Publications, Inc, 1984. Originally published as Toys For Your Delight, London:Mills & Boon, 1957. and Creative Soft Toys by Barbara Snook. Published by Charles T. Branford Company, Newton Center 59, Massachusetts, 1965. Originally from the UK, 1963.
The embroidery alone in these books is fantastic. Such beautiful and purposeful ornamentation that distinguishes the horse from the zebra, the field elephant from the parade elephant. Check out that gryphon.
"Here the interest is in animals, birds and insects, not those humanised by a cartoon technique, charming though some of these can be but growing a little more directly from nature without being in the least naturalistic." From the introduction of Creative Soft Toys by Barbara Snook.

Anyway. I can't decide where to start. Perhaps with a dearest deer so that I can continue with a forest animal theme. I just love the idea of having a little imaginary toy forest.

Though the elephant is amazing.
So is the rooster. hmm.

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fanja said...

I wish my library was that good.