Tuesday, February 26, 2008

all over the place.

I feel busy busy busy and I've been concentrating on establishing structure throughout the week. A rhythm if you will.

It's so easy for me to get swept up in whatever project I've taken on. Rarely the projects actually have a pressing deadline. Most times I develop a sense of urgency for no real reason and priorities go out the window.

So I've been all over the place.
Exhibit A. My Mom gave be this beautiful Manos del Uraguay yarn for Christmas and I have the perfect amount to make a sweater for Everett. It is so buttery to work with. I wanted to try my hand at developing a custom chart design and well, making a motif that works with variegated yarns proved to be more of a challenge.

Exhibit B. I dyed this old quilt top black because I really couldn't stand it before. I'd throw it away, but it might be the very first quilt top I ever made using the discards from my Mother's stash back when I was in high school or first year university. So I still have it, and it's not black enough yet for me... though it looks better.

Exhibit C. Wanting desperately for instant gratification, I grabbed this book, Odd Ball Knitting, off the new arrivals shelf at the library. Pictured here is a simple sachet that I intend to send off as a gift for a certain niece. (It's nearly complete...)

I guess I'll just wait and see if I can get over this crafty rush. Never mind my new addiction to the Alaska Multiple Listing Service.


Tracie K said...

Sorry we missed you guys at Empty Bowl....we were waylaid at Sally Ann by our best find to date--a Singer 560 knitting machine! Peter made a ridiculously hideous scarf in about 10 minutes (after spending 5 hours trying to get the thing to work). I'm thinking of attempting a retro 80's sweater-- perhaps lavender with white unicorns and pink hearts?

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SierraMoon said...

hi Oona -- I don't know if you remember me... it was a loooooong time ago !
the strange thing indeed is that I've just realized you probably live near Anchorage, which is the other side of the earth from here, but I may be in Anch. in September... small world...
congratulations on the house !