Tuesday, March 31, 2009

volcanoes and radishes

Everett and I planted radish seeds on Friday, and by Saturday night we had a sprout. The top photo was taken this morning, the photo below was taken yesterday afternoon. It's so exciting to see them grow and change. I guess I'll have to find them a new, more substantial home soon.

On Monday we had a 3 more inches of snow. It cleaned up the place, but what a reminder that winter is not over here yet. It's still cold too. Sigh.

I feel like I should mention something about the weather. As most everyone knows by now Mount Redoubt is erupting, off and on as of March 20th. So far Anchorage, where I live, has not had very much ash fall. There was a little dusting this weekend - enough to show a 1/2" buildup of grey ash at the bottom of your car windshield and make the top of the snow grey. Apparently when Mount Spur, another volcano just north of Redoubt and closer to Anchorage, erupted 19 years ago, people used shovels to move the ash.
Hopefully that doesn't happen, and hopefully Redoubt stops erupting altogether. Air travel is the biggest problem since most of the ash stays up where the planes fly and can be fatal to aircraft engines. Mount Spur erupted for 4 months. Here's the latest story from our local paper.

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Chrissy Johnson said...

Such a beautiful re-use of an egg carton! Gives me some inspiration for ideas with my little fella.