Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We have worms! A couple of days ago I purchased an established worm bin off craigslist... (sigh, ah craigslist, my online shopping addiction).... It was a great coincidence since I been curious to try vermicomposting and was keenly gathering information on the subject when I noticed this worm bin for sale... I haven't taken a picture yet... it's not necessarily the most attractive thing. Anyways... I still have lots to learn, but so far things seem manageable and it does not smell... really. I'm keeping it in our garage which is kept above 40 degrees F. I've added vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and I've put in more bedding.... but there is still lots left over from the previous owner so I'm kind of just monitoring it. There's also plenty of worm castings (which is the good stuff for fertilizing plants) which I hope to use some of today. So... that's my earth week experiment.

Everett also helped me gather some litter from around the park today. It's so exciting when the snow melts... yet so sad to see the junk.
Ponder this: Why do litterbugs put the lids back on their bottles before they toss them into the woods?


tt said...

They do that!? Put the caps back on? That means they're not absent mindedly tossing them away. They cap them and then consciously throw them away. It's like giving us the finger isn't it?

oona said...

totally! argh.