Wednesday, May 27, 2009

painting for me.

I don't paint very often. I enjoy it very much and playing with colour is my favourite part . I buy paint. I buy canvases. I worry about not creating meaningful art, and this is an example of art without a lot of meaning. I've always really like painting abstract landscapes and this time I simply wanted to experiment with a horizon line spread across three canvases. It's been in my head for some time now, maybe over a year. I've been focused on making our bedroom a more cohesive and relaxing space and there was a blank wall above our bed begging for something. I woke up really early yesterday and started a quick pastel study. Everett woke up and watched and participated a little, but honestly this took maybe an hour. Thank you public television.

1 comment:

Judy Martin said...

Beautiful Oona.

I really believe that there is a refreshed look at the modernist aesthetic that you have captured with these paintings.