Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's not that I've been that busy these past weeks but I thought that the next post would be a birth announcement. I'm barely a week overdue, but somehow I was convinced that I was going to be early so it feels as though I've been anticipating labour and meeting my new person for weeks now. I'm nearly finished quilting the quilt. I hope to finish the quilting tonight and start binding tomorrow. Provided nothing happens in the next few hours. :)

Yesterday we worked on the yard, raking and mulching, cutting back the sunflower stalks and such out of the garden, We harvested most of the carrots yesterday and will roast them for dinner tonight to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving along with a gifted meatloaf and roasted squash. My mom is here and is helping me prepare in all sorts of ways. Thanks Mom.
Weather wise, it's surprisingly mild here, but I still expect snow around the 15th.

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