Thursday, January 20, 2011

Influenza! etc.

It's just like me to set myself up for a blogger comeback and then... as you wait patiently for that next perfect post... We get the flu.
On January 10th actually. We're better now and there were no complications.
Goodness me it was awful.

I will say that getting the flu in January is like putting yourself on detox... drink lots of water, go to bed early, no alcohol, barely any caffeine, eat small meals and no sweets.

During this time I managed to come up with this little self-interview that will provide the framework for this blog place.
For now.

Why do I want to blog anyway?
Explore things that interest me.
Formulate complete thoughts about those things.
Make those thoughts available to people who share my interests.

Isn’t this a craft blog?
Not really. The more I think about it, the blogs that I like to read are often craft blogs because like to know what motivates people to make things and to see myself in between the lines. I like talk about a project I’m working on and my giant dreams for that project in the future. But, in reality, because I love to play with new media, I tend to start a lot of projects but I don’t always see them through. I think I hoped having a blog would streamline my projects, but I have to accept that that is not my motive.

What is your subject matter?
Parenting, homekeeping, yoga, making things, and the discourse between those things.
Environment and consumer choices/societal behavior
Reviewing books, articles, and blogs on above subjects.

Well...let's see what happens next.

1 comment:

Judy Martin said...

Oona, I love to read your blog whatever you choose to write.
You have so much to offer, your take on things is compassionate, wise, and thought provoking.

I am sorry to hear that you all got the flu at your house. I hope that everyone, especially you, are feeling better now.

Take good good care.