Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life lessons.

So, that post before... sorry about that. My underlying tone was sparked by the ever-present "how can you be a feminist if you stay-at-home with your kids" debate.
Which, I KNOW you can - but it is hard to explain. I don't feel like trying tonight.

*okay... bread update.
I'm figuring it out! It was that the recipe I was using was not scientific or a very good intro to sourdough at all..... I'd never heard of San Francisco sourdough bread before so I didn't understand that that was what is being made. From what I've decoded, this bread is a combination of sourdough and a no-knead bread recipe. So, I'm going to start with regular sourdough leavened bread - but not too sour - since I already have a starter. So far I've made a decent loaf and muffins with the excess starter. And I have, what some sourdough people refer to as, a 'pet' in my fridge. :)

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