Sunday, May 13, 2012


This weekend I'm...
...Loving family fire night on Saturdays.
...Going app crazy and finally trying to learn to love my phone/camera/email/internet/music/library/device. Just uploaded camera+, pic collage, and my new favourite time crush the poetry app from the poetry foundation. ...Adoring Pandora and Shazam for taking the guesswork out of what music to listen to.
...Wishing it would rain and green the place up. And then warm up.
...Ignoring the dishes amongst other things in preparation for Mother's Day. Just kidding, sort of.
...Feeling really warm towards a certain 5 year old who wished me Happy Mother's day over a dozen times today and also vacuumed the upstairs yesterday... all by himself.
...Thinking about my Grampa. Happy birthday Grampa!

p.s. This post style is borrowed from SouleMama as in this post. It's like downloading the brimming overfull thoughts that I feel compelled to tell everyone about yet never do; a way to document these busy fleeting times. I want to get better at it. Faster.

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