Sunday, March 4, 2007


The other day, I was lucky enough to catch a Bioneers program on the radio. Two years ago I happened to be given a pass to their conference here in Anchorage. I think that listening to that episode of the program really made blogging seem okay. Up until now, and to be honest, I still feel, that blogging for the sake of blogging is not an effective use of time. However, over and over again I find site after site that does intrigue me, that does make me think, that encourages me to go forth and be creative. I'll get to those sites another day, but for now, back to the Bioneers.

Even now, I am reluctant to restate the findings of the lecturer because it simply seems to be too much to take in. Religious even.

Prayer, and specifically consciousness, has been proven effective in various studies. Examples given included the significant reduction of side effects in angioplasty patients; higher rates of successful in-vitro fertilization; greater survival rates for advanced aids patients and accelerated healing and growth in animals, plants and bacterias. The lecturer, Dr. Larry Dossey, is a physician who has intensively studied the affect of prayer on the human body, animals, and microorganisms. I know I can't list all of the findings accurately but what I heard was that thoughts have substance.

He mentioned that some of the patients were surprised to learn that they were the subject of prayer. And that the prayers came from Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Christian, non-religious and others alike. No boundaries.

I wouldn't consider myself a religious person but I know that I do behave in spiritual ways. Wouldn't it be something to have faith in your own consciousness? Knowing that you can do good by sending out your positive energy to someone you love, or a part of the world in crisis, or the rain forest, or global warming, or..., or..., or...? On the other hand, you could donate money or volunteer too, but you know what I mean. Some might say "of course it works. why do you think so many in the world pray? you are crazy if you don't believe it." Others might say, "no way is there any possible way that that could happen".

Therefore blogging is okay because if you seek out others with a like-minded approach to life then maybe you can gather enough thoughts to change something.

I think I will continue to make my silent wishes for a better and better world.


Judy Martin said...

well said my child

Natasha said...

Such an insightful and thought provoking post!!