Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Loose threads.

This beautiful project has gone on and on.  I started it in 2005 as a baby quilt for my first born.... but time got away from me and I set it aside, working at it here  and there over the past decade, trying to find a way for it to fit into my life.  My vision for this quilt had always been complex; limited color palette, no same fabrics touching but with an intentional, subtle sense of order.
This is my vision.  I love the hand pieced seam side just as much.
The red squares add a cross/diamond framework carried by the centers of what were the nine patch blocks; a gesture to the hidden order.  More than just giant pixels.
I needed to use a matrix, 1A 1B - 9F, 9G etc to arrange the blocks.
Now that the top is complete, I can begin the quilting.   That's one loose thread taken care of.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Change it up

I need to make a mark here.   Obviously I've been messing with the template.  That's a start.

I'm not sure I'm going to continue with blogger, but I need to make a few more marks to justify a shift.  After all, so much has happened here.

So, here's to leaving a mark.  It's mine to leave.   Here we are - to witness.
Thanks for being here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Try try again

Start where you are.

Friday, December 7, 2012

'tis the season...

Now that it is December, with the darkest days of winter still to come, I'm busy planning for all kinds of holiday magic. Of course, many of these ideas are in the too early yet to be realized stages of development, and who knows if they will actually ever materialize though goodness knows I have the materials... so much I want to do!

Now that the season is upon us.
I remember why we celebrate.   I remember I'm trying my best to raise my children to respect and revere the world we live in.  I remember to follow my heart.  
I encourage you to follow your heart.   Gift giving is beautiful - an extension of love and friendship and support.  It is a love language after all.

Also, I remember that we already have so much, and for that I feel so lucky.
So lucky.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed I hope to stick to this intention to give from my heart.
Yes, my hands will do work, plenty of it, but really, I am out of time to finish all I wish to start.
Maybe you too feel pressure to get something ready, wrapped, shipped in time for Christmas morning.

Maybe you'd like a break from the deadline?

Maybe you are making your gifts... many gifts?... good for you, but here's my thought on how to balance the creativity flow and intention.

Simply stop, take a deep breath and write a beautiful postcard or note with a thoughtful memory or expression and your loved one can will read it (out loud to children) on Christmas day.  Then continue with your creativity and send it along whenever.  No need to mention your intention to send them something in time.  That day will come.  Just let them be surprised by another day of gift.

I'm busy busy and happy happy.

inspired inspired inspired.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

green smoothies.

You've probably seen them around... they are kind of weird.  I know.  Well, I was curious.

One day, while making my regular chocolate protein berry banana smoothie, I added a handful of parsley, stems and all.  

I made my first green smoothie.  (I am defining a green smoothie as anything that has a green leafy ingredient.)  No problem for my immersion blender.  A new taste and a new color (kinda brown instead of purple) but not too surprising.  No change really - except a serving of green leaves before 9am and that felt better than good.  Over the next few days, I started to add spinach. Then I started leaving out the banana and trying other fruits.  I was having smoothies nearly everyday.

 I read website after website about them and watched videos on how to make them. I looked at blenders online and got a little obsessed.

Now I know that you need to include ratio of soluble fiber (fleshy fruit) to insoluble fiber (leafy greens).  The soluble fiber gives the smoothie its smooth creamy body, and the insoluble fiber is suspended within this puree.  It's really easy.
Now I know some have opinions about protein powder, or dairy, or that green smoothie should be made of entirely plant materials.  I don't know yet.  I'm still experimenting.  Sometimes I leave out the whey protein and sometimes I notice and sometimes I don't. 
Now I know that fat is important to slow the digestion and keep the fire going - you don't have to do protein, but think ground flaxseed, or avocado, or coconut oil, or milk.  Protein powders usually include some amount of fat.

So I say,  experiment.  You are the only one who knows if this is for you.  You are the only one who can feel any of the benefits or the consequences.   

1. Start slow.  If you haven't made a smoothie before, don't even make a green smoothie to start.  See if you like pink or orange ones or chocolate ones.  Then, add just a few leaves at a time to see if you like the new flavor.

2. You don't have to go buy the blender.  Wait. See. Play.

3.  Try new ingredients. Try frozen fruits instead of berries.  Freeze your own fruit and greens in season.

In this smoothie...
6 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup honey vanilla greek yogurt 
3 chard and 4 dinosaur kale leaves
small handful each of parsley and cilantro
1 cup water

Eventually you'll want a high speed blender.  Ours is Vitamix 5200C*.  It came from Costco.  It is perfect for my family and has a lovely home on the counter next to the fridge.  It can do lots of cool things.

*Ours only came with one 48oz container.

Monday, October 8, 2012

This October...

right now I am...  (I just love this kind of post when I read it elsewhere...)

... experimenting with planning blog posts in advance... hope it pays off in more blogging.  I really like to log my ideas and such here...  I don't know why but I like it.
... considering hallowe'en costumes.  Making them (or even just finding them) is so much work but I do love the end result. We're thinking puppy and / or rat or giraffe or purple puff bird...
... drowning myself in organization and house projects, from incomplete garage clean out to washing the outside windows. I feel like I'm shoving a whole month of "gentle reminders" into a single day, week, or weekends. It's high time though. I realized I haven't done any real purging (I've gotten really good at hiding things it appears...) since Jacko was born. So that feels good. Still so much more to do... to do to do.
... wanting so very much to share a green smoothie with you. It's life changing I tell you.
... trying not to get ahead of myself. Really.
... in the middle of Claire Dederer's novel Poser and enjoying it.
... fascinated by these inspiring creatives.  create as folk, august empressgoing home to roost
... attempting to make elaborate meal plans (lunch and dinner) - but not elaborate meals - making sure that there is absolutely no way to miss a home cooked meal this week.  Whatever - it's worth a try.
... October is the last month of farmer's market here and I need to plan ahead to stock up on perfect carrots, freeze greens (for my smoothies) and beautiful potatoes.
... determined to make a pinterest board dedicated to fall gardens.
... planning a certain three year old's birthday party - it's in less than one week!!! how did that happen?
... considering doing my own secret sketchbook challenge.

 let's see what happens next....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

i'm back. maybe. for a little while anyway.

i'm sorry i've been away so long. it's not as though i don't think of this place... but so much has prevented me from expressing myself in this forum, never mind travel, family and life in general. I hope to get to that. nothing serious. just full to the brim thinking. you know me.