Thursday, April 5, 2007

favourite day.

On Thursday, two important things happen for my health and well-being.

Yoga and the food box.

I did Yoga during my pregnancy up until my seventh month. After the birth, I did it off and on but in January I resumed my Thursday class with the same teacher and classmates.

The food box is from a CSA in Washington state, Full Circle Farm. It's really difficult to find consistently great organic produce in Anchorage, never mind more remote parts of Alaska. This farm has even managed to figure out how to send food boxes to Bethel. I know, I know it isn't exactly local, but it is a farm cooperative with partners along the west coast that delivers beautiful organic produce that's as close to in season as possible. Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and try and find one in your area.


Eunice said...

that's wonderful that you have a csa, even in alaska. sounds like you had a lovely day. here, our first farmers' market of the season opens tomorrow and i am excited! in warmer days, yoga classes are offered at the park across the market.

Natasha said...

Ohhh how wonderful!! I have been researching csa's in our area such a great thing.

Love the photos of your book!!

Valerie said...

we don't have this (CSA) here - but we have weekly open air markets + I try to grow our own veggies in the summer time, and we don't eat tasteless strawberries in December ! Local & possibly organic is always a better option !

oona said...

ah yes valerie, you couldn't be more right. local would be great - so lucky you are to have weekly markets. i'll have to wait till june to sample the local vegetable fare. my yard's too cold and shady to grow food - don't think i haven't tried. fortunately, i can buy eggs, chickens and catch fish like salmon and halibut. of course there's always big game (moose, caribou, bear) but that's another story.