Sunday, March 11, 2007

grace's boots.

Ah yes, the boots. The amazing and incredible genius boots. So simple, and so very, very gratifying.

If you are a reader of CRAFT:, then you know where this idea came from. (These Boots Were Made For Knitting, authored by Tina Marrin, Vol.1, pg78.)
I bet your library has a copy on file so break out the dimes.

You will see that the patterns call for many needles.
You will ask, are you kidding me? You need nineteen needles to make these boots? What will I do with so many needles?

Well, in reality you need ten to make one boot. Nineteen if you make them simultaneously. However. I didn't realize that until after I had my husband pick up four lengths of wooden dowel and an old school pencil sharpener. And sandpaper.

I have lots of needles now.

I loved everything about the discovery of this magazine. Anchorage can be a hip and happening place but I was totally in the dark regarding the craft revolution. I've always been a "can I make that?" sort of person and I love tools and learning materials that help me to be able to say "of course you can."
I loved learning about Etsy.
I loved learning about the crafting circle of blogs and personalities.
I so have craft crushes.

Love the boots. I have leftover roving and want to make either a purse or a hat, or maybe a scarf? What do you think?

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tracie said...

Well worth the wait, thank you! Those are amazing and I am anxious to learn more (and see this magazine). For the leftover could run over to Far North Fibers and get a drop spindle from Pamela (or have Matt make one with the leftover dowel bits) --she'll give you a quick lesson in spinning. I do think a purse would be fun though, and a great complement to the boots