Friday, March 2, 2007


Gack. How did this thing get so heavy? so pretentious? Three posts and all are serious. I am greatly concerned for our environment and societies, but I'm a fun person too. Honest.
This thing needs some pictures. Some proof of my said craftiness/artiness.
Soon soon soon.

For the past two days the wind has howled and howled. It's amazing, really. But don't go outside.
March is the one month where I feel like I'm able to predict the weather. For March, I foretell of big winds and big snows. When do you ask?
Big wind? This one seems early, but I think I remember that there were two big winds last year.
Big, huge snow dump? Not until St. Patrick's Day. Then the big wind. Then the warm winds and everything melts and it is melt/freeze/melt/freeze till the 1st week of May. That's my prediction for Anchorage anyway. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Projects I'm working on? I'll post more about these another day. With pictures.
Wool slippers for me.
Fabric boxes for E's room. Instructions by all buttoned up, one of my favourite craft blogs.
I could list lots of projects, but most have not been touched for so long or are mere figments of my imagination for which I have purchased supplies and therefore cannot yet be considered projects.

Thought of the day. If you've come this far let me share with you from my reading. "If we are to thrive physically, our air, water and food must be clean. If we are to thrive emotionally, our shelter should be a home filled with love. With the exception of clothing, our basic needs are exactly the same as those of other mammals." From Organic Housekeeping, by Ellen Sandbeck.

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