Saturday, March 3, 2007


Pretty cool, that is. So, I'm not a fan of the new blogger because I guess deep down I'm a dork that likes to hack and borrow html from cool websites. I'm bad at it though and the new blogger makes it all the more difficult with all it's widgets and whatnot. Making it so much easier for me to customize is the genius that is Beta Blogger for Dummies. Want to add a clickable banner to your header? Done and done. Want to add a background image to your blog? Maybe. Need a new navigation bar? If only I had that kind of time. Yup, I'm a dork. I like the way things are looking now but you probably can't even tell. I really should go fold some laundry.


Natasha said...

I like the way your blog looks, its clean and sharp with great insight to match. I look forward to stopping by again.

oona said...

awwh... thanks for visiting and your kind comment. i checked out your rickrack and ribbons. you have a great stash o' fabric.