Thursday, March 8, 2007


Okay, so this isn't that unique. Towels with creature faces, ears, and more are available everywhere. Also, I totally used the idea from this book that reminded me just how fun hooded towels can be.

With ears.
For babies.

You know what I should have done? Made it adult sized. Matt would love it. I would love it. Who wouldn't love their own personal sized hooded towel?

My model was squirmy, so excuse the poor shots of his towel but love his baby face.

Additional comments. The instructions in the book used purchased bias tape. I thought that would be great, easy even. You are looking at the third towel and the bias tape still twisted and pulled. The instructions said to baste the bias tape in place and work slowly. I basted. I basted and pinned. I hand-turned the sewing machine mechanism. In all instances the binding twisted and pulled, making unsightly wrinkles.
Do I need a different pedal?

Shoot, I thought, I'm just a perfectionist. Maybe they'll go away in the wash. No such luck. I ended up attaching the bias tape like it was for a quilt - you know, machine sewing one side of the bias tape along the edge then wrapping it over the edge and invisibly hand stitching it into place. I even basted when I did that. It was a little better, but still wrinkly.

At least it's cute.


Natasha said...

I have yet to master bias tape, it may just be a sewing conspiracy? However, the towel is great and so is the "baby face".

Tracie said...

Oona...I've been patiently waiting to see a picture of the boots. Laura sent me the link for your "craft" blog...and I'm enjoying your musings, but I desperately want to see the boots! Now that I'm supposedly spining I have roving up the wazoo--some raw stuff I hope to attempt lichen/veggie/berry dying with, and other stuff in some very nice colorways. My loom, spinning wheel, sewing machines and oodles of yarn, fabric, and accessories have taken over Peter's house and he's going to kick me out if I don't start producing things. So please, post a picture of the boots? Then I'll be getting in touch to figure out how to make them!
Everett looks absolutely adorable in his towel.

oona said...

Ah yes, the boots.
I will post them Sunday or Monday.
They are so fabulous.

I need to learn how to spin. You will teach me and I will show you how to make the boots.

Hi Natasha!