Monday, April 23, 2007

all or nothing.

I hope everyone had a happy Earth Day yesterday.

It makes me giddy that the environment is on the tip of the tongue these days. Everyone is talking about the environment. It seems that finding a way to protect the environment is finally making the headlines. My Canadian connections would say "Wait, we've been talking about carbon footprints for over five years!" While this is true, it is very reassuring that the media in the US (particularly NPR) is bringing us improved coverage of the issues.

In celebration of Earth Day, we finally switched over to canvas shopping bags that I whipped up last week.

I discovered something interesting about myself recently. I tend to fall into the all-or-nothing trap in many aspects of my life. It is this part of me that delayed using reusable bags for so long.
I didn't want to buy cheap bags made by underpaid workers.
I didn't want to buy canvas from the store because I hoped I could find something I could reuse. Maybe I would be able to find organic cotton...

You see? This is crazy behaviour.

This is why I didn't blog last week. I didn't make time to blog because I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say. So no blog for me.

On an uplifting note...
Have you been visiting Sew Green?
Have you heard about No Impact Man?

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Valerie said...

oops I missed that one... BUT we try & pay attention to this every day. like energy saving bulbs, cold water anytime hot is not an absolute necessity, separate garbage cans for plastic, glass, lids on pan when heating something, no disposable tissues to clean the house...growing our own veggies during the sunny season, no use of chemical fertilizers...maybe not much but if everybody did the same it would be a good start for the planet...
I like these colors, very relaxing. our dining room is painted the same latte color, I love it ! XOXOXO Oona !