Monday, April 9, 2007


Happy Easter.

I've decided to stop posting on the weekends. I feel like that's a better balance for me.

I finished Ian McEwen's Saturday on Sunday. It's a good read. I think it showed me how our opinion will shift based on what effects us personally. I know this is obvious but I liked the reminder. It helps me to remember and understand the motivations of others. Our needs as human beings remain simple and we act defensively to protect ourselves, no matter how inconsequential or imminent the threat. The end of the book certainly puts things in perspective.

Today, I cleaned the fish tank, made a don't ring the doorbell 'cause it doesn't work sign (finally!), made a frittata, wrote a letter to my new pen-pal, baked brownies (not from scratch), and had dinner with Laura.


Valerie said...

the book sounds interesting - have to see if I can find it in French & pocket - I'm reading a Peter Bowen - I have an excellent brownie recipe to share if you want to try a different one... not posting on weekends or too often is a wise decision for a family life. a happy week to you, we have have a glorious weather, Spring at last !!!

Judy Martin said...

Oona, I went to Laura's blog and saw the photo of you and Everett on New Year's Day. That was a treat for me.
I hope that Everett's cold is better.