Tuesday, April 3, 2007

what is this?

What is this blog thing anyway? I continue to question the time that I spend here at the computer. Blogging is sometimes difficult for me, yet it is so addictive. Part of me wants to be part of this incredibly big thing yet another part of me says, forget it. Find people to talk to, not websites.

But, as I've said before, sometimes the topic I want to discuss is difficult to talk about. Additionally, having a baby and staying home limits my daily contact with people that I might be able to discuss such topics with. Of course, once he starts talking I'm sure I will introduce topics that aren't so concerned with which animal makes which noise.

I love staying home. Believe me. I love it.

I am grateful to have this outlet of thought. My journals usually turn into lists and doodles. Blogging, as my cousin Sarah concluded, "allows us to hear the voices of friends and family members who are spread all over the world."

So, where was I. Right, what is this blog thing anyway. I really wanted it to be a craft blog. I wanted to showcase my projects and inspirations, make some virtual friends (Hello Natasha! Bonjour Valerie!), participate in swaps and craft-alongs... I still probably will. I hope to anyway.

I don't know where the recipes fall into this. I guess when I don't know what to say, I like to talk about food. Who knows.


Judy Martin said...

darling, your blog makes my day. Keep doing it, please.

Natasha said...

Awwwe Hello back to you, I for one am so glad you do this blog thing, I find your posts to be smart and insightful. Staying at home raising children can be difficult if only for lack of adult interaction. I know I did that. I wish I'd had this outlet yrs ago, maybe it would have helped with my isolation blues. So whether its crafts or your thoughts you post, it matters not- just so it helps you connect even if it is half way around the world!

Warm wishes to you ~Natasha

oona said...

thanks ladies. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I can't stop now and I love that you visit. We'll encourage each other.

Valerie said...

bonsoir back to you (this bonjour was really nice, thanks !) - I agree with Natasha => I find a lot of insight in your posts, I think I like you ;) & => internet can be a way to improve a daily life or life in general a lot. I save much time & energy shopping online & not spending hours to park & shop in town for example, money thanks to all the free stuff & I can virtually talk to far away people who have a very different culture/way of life, it's a wonderful thing to broaden my mind & learn new things/crafts/cuisine... I have easy access to the music I like... I find it to be very inspiring & worth the time spent on it & even wish it had come into my life earlier ! Now, like in every thing it's all a matter of a right balance ! PS : by the way, don't let me be ridiculous with my bad english, let me know if you can read French fluently !