Tuesday, May 1, 2007

a most unexpected way.

I've been hit with a wave of nostalgia. The place where I attended high school was a small and close-knit community. Our friends were made up not only of those from our class, but of their siblings and their friends and neighbours. The parties could get quite large.
After high school we all went our separate ways. Some of us have stayed in touch. Like me, I imagine that others might have a general idea of what one another is up to because we go back home now and then and run into each other's parents and ask questions.

This is where I say hello to Justin, Noah and Timothy.
I feel like I have been given a gift today.
It is so interesting to know where you are now.
Here I am. And here.

I realize that it has been ten! years since I graduated high school.


Justin Tilson said...

Heyloooo Oona. Your unexpected comments on my blog brought a smile to my face. Congratulations on marriage and momness. I'm getting closer myself with the wedding coming up on June 9th. No plans on children yet other than maybe in 3 - 5 years.

Life is full of action in Vancouver. You probably have a gist of what's going on since you found my blog. I'm pushing hard in the urban agriculture scene, trying to turn unused spaces into life giving and community creating space.

I'm at work so I can't ramble on for too long. I hope this finds you healthy and inspired.

love, light, peace

Yuttadhammo said...

Heyloo again, Oona :) Your blog popped up on my list of incoming links... a subtle way of saying hello, I must say.

Bests to you and yours on your path.

Yuttadhammo (Noah)