Saturday, August 4, 2007

well, then.

Apologies and thankful smiles for those of you who have stuck around. I haven't been a very considerate blogger lately. My excuse? Summer. Here in the AK we need to hold on to every shred of sunlight and warm evening that comes our way. Winter is long people, and believe me, by October I'll likely be blogging every day or so.

However, I have been busy. I made a few more tote bags (this time with pockets and freezer paper stencils) for a local fair. My little garden has produced cilantro, basil, chives, broccoli, kale and peas. Mainly, I've been tending to family needs like mending buttons and seams, tailoring towels for golf purposes, birthday cards, baking, laundry, et...

Today was my baby boy's very first birthday. He's just learned to walk and it is oh so cute - wobbling around with his hands up in the air. We had a little party and I baked a couple of cakes. One being "healthy" and one not at all. I found this Zucchini Date Muffin recipe (a nice blog discovery too, by the way) and it was a huge hit babies and adults alike. Chocolate chip pound cake (Taunton's Fine Cooking #83) is o so perfect, but it is hard to feel good about eating it (so much butter!)


Natasha said...

Happy belated birthday to your little one!! Savor those summer days. Come fall school will be back in swing and my posts become scarce!! I have gone for months at a time without posting so I know how you feel.

Valerie said...

a first birthday is so much emotion in a mom's heart & a lifetime memory.
hope all the family had a great day and that this weetie enjoyed his chocolate cake !

Dee Light said...

Happy B-Day to your little one. My littlest one just turned 2!!!

C said...

I found your blog via Judy's Journal :) Happy belated birthday to your little one!

Wonderful blog! You are a very talented photographer :)