Monday, January 28, 2008

patchwork by hand

This past month(!?) I've been busy in my role as family CEO. 401ks, IRAs (RRSP's etc... in Canadian speak) and mutual funds, insurance, the 'five year plan', and all those bank-y and plan-y bits that can make your head spin. I've learned more about the stock market, life insurance and asset allocation than I thought I'd be able to apply to my personal life. But there you are. Are you familiar with your financial future?
In addition, I've also signed up (starts in March) for a Waldorf parent-toddler class, and I've been buried in "Heaven on Earth" by Sharifa Oppenheimer. I'm new to the Waldorf philosophy and it's very exciting... I'm deeply inspired to make toys and provide a simple loving rhythm. I'm very much looking forward to the class and learning more.
Through all of this I've been itching to do some hand work. Over Christmas I knit two pairs of wristwarmers back to back for my sisters so this next project had to be completely different. I've been wanting to begin a quilt or other textile project and I wanted to experiment with colour. I wanted to make something quickly but with personality and flexibility. My solution is a quilted pillow-sham that will be pieced mostly by hand. I cut these squares for a full size quilt well over a year ago but I just can't face such a large project right now. I still love blue with gold.


Judy Martin said...

Oona, the Waldorf and Heaven on Earth look great. I went to the links you provided and am very interested. way to go.

Anonymous said...

my german friend teaches in one of them...