Friday, February 8, 2008

okay. good. self-discovery.

My project space is a mess... or should I say, it was a mess.
You know what it's like. You are in 'the moment' and you can't find your fabric scissors... or your tracing paper... or your glue... or your needles... and you are running out of time. Nap time is almost over.
These past few days, I've been clearing out my creative corner. Even though it's down in the windowless basement I'm very lucky to even have such a space - it's just gotten so bad. I wasn't about to take any before pictures, no way. It's very likely that there won't be many after pictures either... it doesn't photograph well and it's totally put together out of scrounged, beat up furniture. Of course, I do have the great cutting/layout table my husband made for me when we first moved in together.
Now that I'm (almost) finished sorting and discarding, I foresee great things. Ha.

I also had the brainwave to set up a play area. I found this great tent set (includes a tee-pee and two tunnels)(similar) as well as some other play things secondhand, moved stuff around and ta da. Build it and they will come.
On Friday, while sorting, I slipped into a fog while reading old journal entries.
From Feb 6, 2007, with a 6 month old...
5 things I need to survive.
1. a garden to grow things - flowers and food... I just can't manage with window boxes and I don't like buying dirt.
2. a beautiful environment
3. fabric (textiles, yarn, fibers... there, that's the word)
4. fruit... I swear, I am sustained on fruit.
5. hot chocolate... who knew that pure cocoa has iron?
Other than that now I drink coffee again but well, everything else still rings true.

Another entry dated August 22, 2003 explored my priorities. Discovering that at the time, at the age of 24, I did not put myself first or second, but third, I conclude with the statement...
"okay. good. self-discovery." which made me laugh.
I'm not a dedicated journal keeper. But I try and there is something about January and the prospect of a new year inspire me to set goals , so I can be pretty good about it for a couple of months. It happens again as I approach my birthday.
It's so interesting to look back. My life is so different now than it was in 2003, yet I still have many of the same concerns.

Do you? What are your five things? What about six? NPR had a interesting piece about six word memoirs on Thursday.

p.s. Go see one of my favourite Anchorage activities at Scribbit!

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