Monday, October 6, 2008

on being whole.

I really have been all over the place since that post. We bought a house in May and renovated in June and moved in July. It's still not really finished, but at least we have heat, hot water, and a increasingly nicer place to cook and eat. I need to update that status, since the last post was from July. I think.

I spent August in Ontario and September catching my breath, turning 30 and running in circles.

Everett is two now. He's a busy little crazy person and totally lovable. But try getting anything done. I don't know how others do it. I have my suspicions, but really... I'm hoping it's vitamin D.

I, we, have a long way to go before we'll feel whole again. For example, the house is completely under-furnished and I need to spend some serious time on craigslist in order to remedy that. I need a truck.

Here is Everett, wearing the sweater I was designing the motif for back in February. I didn't actually use the motif in the yoke, I just made it plain because the brown was so beautiful on its own. However, once completed the sweater sat unused in my knitting basket for weeks because I'd finished the neck to tightly and Everett would run away from me when I would try to put it on him because it was literally a pain to pull over his head.
"No! NO sweater..." run run run... But I re-finished it last night, and now it is called the... "new cozy sweater".

You can see we have no curtains, nothing on the walls, not enough furniture, no rugs or lamps. That's my job - I'm supposed to take care of the furnishings. Gad, I'm just going to wait till the new and only Target opens in five days. I'm just so cheap, but I like nice things. I wish we had an Ikea.

We do have a beautiful cork floor. It is awesome. Soft and warm, easy to sweep and wash. We also have a new sofa. It pulls out into a queen sized bead and has storage under the chaise part.
p.s. There are more pictures on the life blog.

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