Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday I made yogurt using a method I found in the paper. Really, I know that this isn't that exciting, but think about it... no more plastic containers. I used a 16oz wide mouth mason but any airtight/waterproof container should work.

I said to Matt after successful yogurt making.... You know how I hate to buy those plastic containers... and he replied... no, you hate to throw away those plastic containers. Which is true because plastic containers are #5 and there is no recycling program that accepts them up here. Have I mentioned that our city has finally implemented a curbside recycling program and I am so o so happy about it?! No more sorting, just cleaning and combining all recyclables. No more special trips to the recycling center even though we'll miss seeing all those other good human beings making special trips and smile at one another the way good human beings should. Sigh. Anyway, I digress.

So I made yogurt. Just two cups to see if it would work, but I bet it would work with more, it would just take longer. So far it seems to be fine... I ate some this morning (and a spoonful last night) and I haven't died or felt ill. It tastes much like it's parent yogurt (which probably many of you who have made yogurt before are like, of course it does and why haven't you done this before?...) My only complaint is that it tastes a little like scalded milk and that might be my fault. Either way, I'm saving a little bit for another batch and going to sweeten this one up with good old Canadian Maple Syrup. yum yum.

Below is a photo of the clipping from the Anchorage Daily News with the short and sweet instructions. I couldn't find the article on the website, but Alaska is just so interesting right now what with Palin, Stevens and other political nonsense... well, have a peruse and see what we deal with up here.


SierraMoon said...

I have a yoghurt maker with glass container that I bought from ebay for $15 ? does it count ?! I use organic milk for them, and we just add whatever we like (jelly, fruit syrup...) when they're done

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