Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tomorrowland Trees, Nature Tables, and Little People.

One of things I'm trying to do for Everett is introduce more magic and wonder into his play. I used to think that play is play and thank goodness they can do it on their own. We avoid all toys that beep or make bad music, and are not beautiful or simple. Occasionally we receive gifts that don't meet my ideal, and of course Everett is allowed to play with them, and sometimes they are a big hit. But usually they are forgotten and he goes back to his cars, blocks and books... mainly his cars. We donate those forgotten toys and clear space out his area for him to play. Clutter is good for no one. Most "mainstream" toys don't last and if they need batteries, and I digress. Sometimes they are okay - at other peoples houses.

These trees are totally inspired by Wise Craft. The little people are my first attempt after I saw these on Etsy. The nature tables and this discussion are completely part of my enchantment with Waldorf Philosophy and The Creative Family, a book by Amanda Soule.


april said...

wheres the pics? those are dannnnnnnng cute lil trees and babies. nice work lady!

technology said...