Sunday, May 10, 2009

best mother's day present ever.

Two planting beds and a sandbox. Plus, a whole week of gorgeous sunshine. I can only hope it will last.

Matt worked very hard this past two weeks getting these built and installed. Of course, Everett helped, even though in this case he proved to be the worst helper ever. His sandbox is slowly being filled up with sand. It's going to take a lot of sand.

I'm so grateful because I did not think that I would have a garden this year - we have so much going on - and I never expected that they would be raised beds with a little cedar bench all the way around for my pregnant self (o yes, we're expecting in October) to perch on while I plant, weed and harvest. I think they are beautiful. The pavers showed up on Friday at a garage sale, and we immediately dug them in between the beds. I hope to have little volunteer plants show up along the pathway... preferably pretty ones. Eventually, a bench, maybe not that bench, or a little table and chairs will be centered on aisle with a (permanent) fence along the yard and perennial edibles gardens on either side of the bench.... strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus?who knows. I'm just so happy.

p.s. and a note to my father and anyone who is wondering.... I did line the pressure treated wood with black plastic after all. It was going to nag at me... is my soil poisoned, is it safe to grow food? Now it's done, and I don't have to think about it anymore.

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TKr & PBr said...

Oona, those are beautiful. Would you like any seed potatoes? I have fingerlings and german butterballs and they are ready to be planted. I wouldn't waste your bed space on potatoes though. let me or Peter know and happy gardening!