Sunday, May 17, 2009

inside. outside.

Where have I been?
Much wonderful time outside + terrible twos + wonky sleeping habits for all = no time for the computer.

Except for craigslist... I always seem to be able to make time for craigslisting.

Our kitchen is finished! (We have some small outstanding items (like what to do about the light above the kitchen sink, getting the cover cut for the range hood, waiting for cabinet hardware... blah blah blah backsplash)... but we have countertops and a sink. It took me forever to take these pictures... I should have just photographed the chaos that is real life, but then you wouldn't be able to see the countertops. The countertops are nothing really "special", but if you are curious it is Formica Solid Surfacing in Real Concrete. We love how it all worked out with the floor and the cabinets and we're really happy with the integral sink. We feel like grown ups. As for all the old stuff, we sold our old kitchen cabinets, complete with countertops and sink, on craigslist. We donated the awesome but not-matchy dishwasher to the habitat for humanity restore. We gave the old fridge to a friend and the old stove was a fire hazard.

As for outside, it is really getting green out there. We had a good day or so of a good cleansing and nourishing rain last week (which allowed me to temporarily catch up with laundry and other indoor drudgery) followed by more gorgeous sunshine. I planted much of the raised beds on Mother's Day - kinda early for us but I planted cold loving plants like broccoli and lettuce seeds. The arugula and all the radishes are up and happy looking. The peas and carrots should be up soon I hope. I just planted beans yesterday and I'm still toting the cucumbers and zucchini inside at night. I think they'll probably stay on the deck this summer to make room for more carrots in the garden.

Matt also built a compost bin so that we can deal with most (hopefully all) of our yard waste. It looks pretty good from the deck too. So, between that and the worm bin (which is doing much better since I stopped poking at it) we are set up to compost almost everything.
That platform at the back of the yard is for the old fireplace that we took out of the house. We're going to try it as an outdoor fireplace. Right now it's like a stage for dancing and jumping and twirling.

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Judy Martin said...

So great to see photos of everything, Oona. Thanks for posting these.

twirling sounds like a perfect thing to do on that stage