Thursday, August 27, 2009

hand printing.

I purchased this book the other day. Since it first made it onto shelves, I've picked it up repeatedly each time I saw it - sometimes more than twice in the same excursion. I just love Lena Corwin's hand drawn artwork, her colour choices, and of course the projects are beautiful and so adaptable. I'm so glad I finally own it.

I have a little experience with hand printing - particularly with speedball cutaway stamping for cards, though I have had absolutely no training. I think I started just after high school, and each time I print, I still learn something new ( placing the paper on top of the stamp instead of trying to drop the heavy inky stamp on to the card). I usually make Christmas cards using this technique. The last card I made looked like this.

I took these photos back in December last year, but never posted them.
I hope this book will give me the kick I need to try more printing on fabric.

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TKr & PBr said...

Hilarious Oona! I bought that book around the time I saw you- Peter had ordered me a screenprinting kit and it had just come in the mail and I was at Joann's for some other reason and the book was shoved into some random place at Joann's (on the flat folds I think) and I thought "how fortuitous! I need to learn how to use the kits, this is perfect"