Tuesday, September 8, 2009

so dramatic...

Okay. no more whining.
The rest of the week has been much much better. I've been busy working in the yard, had some "alone time", and have enjoyed a domestic long weekend with husband and son. I spent hours gardening... trying to get plants in the ground as soon as possible. eek. I'm such a procrastinator.

I'm usually not this melodramatic. I don't have to explain... but I will anyway. Because it will happen next year. Maybe it happens to you too? Does the end of summer create back to school feelings? I haven't been in school for years, but still, you know. Anxiety. Change. Expectations. But also... Focus. Routine. Production. So you see? ... conflicted. While I am regretful of all the things I didn't get to do this summer, I take comfort in the gentle quiet that is fall. I think of it like a New Year. Plus my birthday is in September. And we're just four weeks away in the baby countdown.

I've been suffering from music stagnation too. I realized that I have not changed CDs or made a new playlist in months. Poor Stars, Feist, Billy Bragg and Wilco. They need a break. I've heard about Pandora, but I never really gave it another thought until I realized how desperate for new music I felt. So far, I'm pleased. I just typed in Arcade Fire and it gave me Band of Horses. Mostly it is playing songs I already know and own ... but that's okay... it's doing the thinking. I still feel an Itunes binge coming on.

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