Sunday, February 28, 2010


sooooo.... as I was saying. I want to sew my own clothes out of old tshirts. Before I can jump into making clothes for myself, I have a couple of must dos.
First, I must hone my sewing skills. I'm lucky that I have a pretty strong foundation of sewing experience to call on. It's just that it's been more than a few years since I've sewn a scrap of clothing. Therefore I may procrastinate by sewing my boys some clothes. For sure, their figures are more forgiving.

My first practice project was to turn a tshirt into a pair of pants for E. Using a super cute (but impractical !bellbottoms!) kids pants pattern that I picked up at the double V ages ago, I compared the crotch seams to his most favourite pair of comfy pants. Then I noticed that there weren't any side seams on the comfy pants and of course I wanted to figure that out. So I measured at the hips and at the ankles and lined up the pattern pieces and traced the waistline, crotch and side seams to the notches. From there I chose the overall pant length, keeping in mind a cuff, and tapered the sides to match the ankle width.

It's so cool that this is a single pattern piece - and what is neat is that you can get a whole logo without cutting it. I just laid out the tshirt, covered the logo, and cut through both thicknesses. Maybe most kids' pants are made this way, but I've paid no attention.

The bottom fits a lot better than it looks in the picture. And I like the way the logo shows up on the hip, off center. While I was working on this, the gold medal hockey game was on and I admit I felt conflicted while making these pants :)
yay canada!


Chrissy Johnson said...

I love the little brown suit on the pattern package. Reminds of pictures I've seen of my husband when he was in 1st grade or so...

Judy Martin said...

Congratulations Oona. These look great.
Miss those boys sooo much.
Yay Canada indeed.

Jacky said...

Doing a great job with the comfy pants for your little're a woman on a mission.


Jeana Marie said...

Hello - I read your mum's blog. He looks like he is really enjoying his mama-made pants...well done!