Sunday, February 21, 2010

self restraint.

Before I expand on this post heading, first let me say that I am so glad that everyone likes that winterscape piece. I received comments offline and online. I do too - so I decided not to submit it to the Fiber Festival because I wouldn't get it back.

Nevermind that I didn't keep up with the requirements...

Other than that, I've had a lot on my mind lately. Wierd stuff, like "they should sell recycled toilet paper at Costco 'cause then people would buy it" and "why does toothpaste have pesticides in it!" etc... but I haven't been doing much with those thoughts as most of my energy is used to get us through each day. I suppose I should be writing letters, but I can't even really write a blog entry...

With that off my chest, I am gearing up for a busy year. I have spent much of January and February identifying some long term goals and objectives. I learned that an important part of cleaning out a house, is that you have to know what your house is for. I borrowed a book, Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern and o my gosh, it was just the kick I needed. I took her tests, and learned about my shortfalls. Well, more like shone a big spotlight on them. For example, amongst other things, I had unclear goals and objectives. And we've been in transition. Not only were my house messy and closets clogged, but so was my mind. My favourite organizing technique that she uses is the kindergarten room model... Anyway, as always, I strive for balance between family time and me time. I'll probably be trying to make a new schedule, so that I can try and meet some of those said goals (which I'm too nervous to list in full online for fear of failure :).

But for an example...
Goal: Behave as a sustainable consumer. (Huge, I know. Oxymoron? Doable?)
Objective: I'm going to sew some new clothes for myself out of old tshirts.

p.s. Hey costco - my favourite recycled toilet paper is seventh generation.

p.p.s. Can you mention costco and sustainable consumer in the same post?


Chrissy Johnson said...

Oh, I totally believe it's possible to be a sustainable consumer. We are no longer living in communal villages (well, most of us at least here in the states) so we HAVE to buy some necessary things. Why not be good stewards while doing it? Plus, ahem, I like shopping. I admit it!

Here's a nice little site I frequent:

Also, thank you thank you thank you for visiting my site. I hold all comments and endearments close about my work - and your recent words (and your mom Judy's) have really helped propel me forward. Thank you again. Please don't ever be shy about saying anything!

Tor said...

oona you're very inspiring! april sent us the link to your other blog so we could watch the latest video of the boys (they are so cute and grown up!) and i found the link to this blog. i really love it. you have so much on the go and seem to be doing a great job handling it all!

Judy Martin said...

Pretty Powerful!
Well done my child. You are a leader.