Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the swing of things


I was sad and anti-media during the oil spill. Except for the occasional Jon Stewart web show and the paper funnies I distanced myself from participating in media. Partly because I was too busy - lots of happy family stuff and travel - and partly because, well, I wanted to be outside and my kids didn't want me on the computer.

And now it is fall. E is in preschool and Jack is napping. YeS!

We are home and in a groove.

Plus our 7 year old Mac failed. Now we have a new one (oooh! nothing like new technology to get you hooked) and I'm figuring out the iLife 09 features. i.e. flickr.

Now Jack is awake. Sigh.


April said...

glad to see you're back and swinging! xo

Judy Martin said...

moi too.

Judy Martin said...

I looked at the link you put up about the book, The world without us.

scary. hopeful. at the same time.