Monday, February 7, 2011


This is your neutral state. You probably know what it feels like. If not, it may take a little practice to find, but once you find it and how it feels, I hope that it feels like something you've known your whole life. This is your tool. When I am centered, I feel prepared... ready... for whatever the next moment unveils. Receptive. In control. Of me.

Yoga is the practice of extending the time between stimulus and response.

This is one definition of yoga.

It is one that speaks to me as a parent of young children.

Self-restraint. Wait, observe, react.
I get a lot of practice.

*I chose this photo because I think it is funny. Also, I think it is interesting how pushing a camera button by accident still records the moment, no matter how minute or mediocre. But I was holding the camera and I still remember this moment. Because of the image.
Now I must go feed my bread.


Judy Martin said...

I am enjoying your writing style, Oona. Two word sentences. One word sentences.

Very pared down.
A noble poverty.

Serena said...

i love this!