Thursday, March 3, 2011

no waste clothing...

no waste clothing.... interesting concept. I heard this on Marketplace last week and I can't get the idea out of my head. So I played around with this tube of blue jersey I've had for about a year. It's kind of kooky, but I like certain elements of it.

Pros: I like the long sleeves with slender wrists, the poky shoulders that are shape-able, and could be interesting if sewn to be gathered or pleated.
There are no scraps. Just two shoulder seams and two continuous side/arm seams... Jersey doesn't unravel and I don't mind the look of an unfinished edge. I could hem/roll the edges later I suppose.

Cons: The arms are a bit tight, but I think I could have made the body a little tighter. Honestly, the pinning/sewing/cutting took 15 minutes, but the idea has been incubating in my brain all week.

I have other ideas too.... so we'll see if I can rustle up another tube of jersey or something else entirely.


Grace Martin said...

Wow - this is really cool! I love the colour and the shoulders a lot.

Valerie said...

this rocks !!! and the color is well chosen for this design.

i have this link if you're interested in something as easy (jersey as well) but a little different