Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our hens...

So... Wouldn't you like to meet our chickens? We have three.

This is Boss. She is the boss. She lays light brown eggs and is very proud and loud afterwards.

This is Louise. She is at the bottom of the pecking order. She is named for this brave chicken. She lays light brown eggs.

This is Minerva-Louise. She is named after this lovable chicken character. She lays darker brown eggs that sometimes are speckled.

Two days worth of beautiful eggs.

As soon as the snow started to melt and little patches of ground showed thru, we let the chickens free in the yard - we had to - they were just so excited (re: squawking and pacing the gate) to get out of their winter quarters. They are excellent spring (and incredible autumn!) clean up helpers; finding grubs, flies and larvae, slugs and slug eggs, shredding up leaves, eating tiny seeds and weed sprouts... but I shiver to think what they'd do to the gardens if they had access to them all summer. They are so much fun to watch.
And P.S. I use Instagram now... and it's way too easy to post a picture.
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Here it is.

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Grace Martin said...

awesome post. I love your chickens. Such personalities! Miss you