Monday, October 8, 2012

This October...

right now I am...  (I just love this kind of post when I read it elsewhere...)

... experimenting with planning blog posts in advance... hope it pays off in more blogging.  I really like to log my ideas and such here...  I don't know why but I like it.
... considering hallowe'en costumes.  Making them (or even just finding them) is so much work but I do love the end result. We're thinking puppy and / or rat or giraffe or purple puff bird...
... drowning myself in organization and house projects, from incomplete garage clean out to washing the outside windows. I feel like I'm shoving a whole month of "gentle reminders" into a single day, week, or weekends. It's high time though. I realized I haven't done any real purging (I've gotten really good at hiding things it appears...) since Jacko was born. So that feels good. Still so much more to do... to do to do.
... wanting so very much to share a green smoothie with you. It's life changing I tell you.
... trying not to get ahead of myself. Really.
... in the middle of Claire Dederer's novel Poser and enjoying it.
... fascinated by these inspiring creatives.  create as folk, august empressgoing home to roost
... attempting to make elaborate meal plans (lunch and dinner) - but not elaborate meals - making sure that there is absolutely no way to miss a home cooked meal this week.  Whatever - it's worth a try.
... October is the last month of farmer's market here and I need to plan ahead to stock up on perfect carrots, freeze greens (for my smoothies) and beautiful potatoes.
... determined to make a pinterest board dedicated to fall gardens.
... planning a certain three year old's birthday party - it's in less than one week!!! how did that happen?
... considering doing my own secret sketchbook challenge.

 let's see what happens next....


Judy Martin said...

A beautiful post Oona.
Lovely ambitions - I hope that you can carry them all out. Especially the one about more blogging.


Tracie K. said...

We got a vitamin 2months ago. Green smoothie together?

oona said...


aw mom, thanks for the encouragement. i'm plugging away...
hi tracie! so nice to see you here - would love to get together in real life :) maybe for a smoothie date? see you soon!