Friday, December 7, 2012

'tis the season...

Now that it is December, with the darkest days of winter still to come, I'm busy planning for all kinds of holiday magic. Of course, many of these ideas are in the too early yet to be realized stages of development, and who knows if they will actually ever materialize though goodness knows I have the materials... so much I want to do!

Now that the season is upon us.
I remember why we celebrate.   I remember I'm trying my best to raise my children to respect and revere the world we live in.  I remember to follow my heart.  
I encourage you to follow your heart.   Gift giving is beautiful - an extension of love and friendship and support.  It is a love language after all.

Also, I remember that we already have so much, and for that I feel so lucky.
So lucky.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed I hope to stick to this intention to give from my heart.
Yes, my hands will do work, plenty of it, but really, I am out of time to finish all I wish to start.
Maybe you too feel pressure to get something ready, wrapped, shipped in time for Christmas morning.

Maybe you'd like a break from the deadline?

Maybe you are making your gifts... many gifts?... good for you, but here's my thought on how to balance the creativity flow and intention.

Simply stop, take a deep breath and write a beautiful postcard or note with a thoughtful memory or expression and your loved one can will read it (out loud to children) on Christmas day.  Then continue with your creativity and send it along whenever.  No need to mention your intention to send them something in time.  That day will come.  Just let them be surprised by another day of gift.

I'm busy busy and happy happy.

inspired inspired inspired.


April said...

wow i haven't been here for a while.
i see what you are you doing!! i like it. i like it a lottttttt

Anonymous said...
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