Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Loose threads.

This beautiful project has gone on and on.  I started it in 2005 as a baby quilt for my first born.... but time got away from me and I set it aside, working at it here  and there over the past decade, trying to find a way for it to fit into my life.  My vision for this quilt had always been complex; limited color palette, no same fabrics touching but with an intentional, subtle sense of order.
This is my vision.  I love the hand pieced seam side just as much.
The red squares add a cross/diamond framework carried by the centers of what were the nine patch blocks; a gesture to the hidden order.  More than just giant pixels.
I needed to use a matrix, 1A 1B - 9F, 9G etc to arrange the blocks.
Now that the top is complete, I can begin the quilting.   That's one loose thread taken care of.


Judy Martin said...

What a stunner!
How lovely to finish the hand piecing (so neatly) and be ready to begin the meditative hand quilting as you go through this new phase in your life. Being able to pick up this ongoing lengthy project and work with your hands on something that doesn't require a lot of creative thought, just the doing - will be a comfort. A place to go to find your self.

Judy Martin said...

Nice to see this quilt in the hoop and the quilting begun. Best of luck as you find quiet time over the next few months to nurture yourself with stitch. Happy New Year 2016.
much love