Monday, February 4, 2008

dearest deer.

This was fun. More fun than I thought it would be.
Look at the cute little legs! It stands all by itself. It's about 6 inches tall.
Before it had ears it looked like a camel.

I followed the directions in the book by Winsome Douglass, though I enlarged the pattern a little bit because I had no idea how you would turn something so small. I later read that she recommends using cartridge paper(?) templates and folding over the seam allowances so that you can stitch it together with the right sides facing out. Kind of applique it together I guess. Which means you could probably use fusible or foundation paper or similar nowadays. Maybe next time.

My hand piecing is going very well. Perhaps you'll see something about that tomorrow.


Tracie K said...

so darling Oona! I will post soon, must give up on waiting for inspiration to strike at the right time (ie when I'm not at work) and just plan time to post. Very much enjoyed your beautiful card by the way. Stay warm............

Judy Martin said...

Oona, this is a darling deer. I love it.

fanja said...

the most gorgeous deer x

Anonymous said...

I'd buy one from you... if there were some other bros to follow... ;)
no kidding.

Was amazed to see what a big boy your little darling has become...