Thursday, January 21, 2010

needle punch needle.



and yet another technique... Last year too at this time, I was working on rugs. Apparently, I am a fan of things underfoot.
For instance these amazing Angela Adams hand tufted rugs make me drool, (I first read about them on Oh Joy!) and then by accident I picked up Modernism Magazine before our June trip and found an article on Cynthia Sargent, describing her work with her husband Wendell Riggs and their textile design studio and factory in Mexico.

This project is mainly experimental, since I've never done this before. I intend to add to the surface using embroidery and beads etc, and eventually submit it to the Alaska Fiber Festival as part of their "Through the Knot Hole" challenge.

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Judy Martin said...

This looks lovely, Oona. Do you have an update photo? Someone told me you were embellishing it?